What is Cold Laser Therapy?

“Cold Laser”  is a treatment modality that relies on a beam of polarized light that penetrates the skin of the patient and acts specifically on injured cells. The energy transmitted to the traumatized cells triggers beneficial responses. The reason why is called cold laser is because it does not heat the skin.

How will my dog  benefit from Cold Laser?

“Laser” treatment is a a safe and effective modality used in physical rehabilitation to increase healing post surgery. Laser improves healing of  the tissue, by decreasing inflammation, bacterias and scar formation. The main advantage is pain control.

Which conditions can be treated with cold laser?

Cold laser can be very effective for a variety of conditions such as  fracture healing, ligament injury, any post operative incisions, spinal injuries, disc herniation, skin disease, non healing wounds etc.

When should cold laser not be used?

Laser should not be used for cancer patients, during pregnancy, for eye surgeries, and over growth plates.